The American Dream

We live in Hollywood movies,
American crimes got us shouting out "Free Huey!"
Native lands,
are stolen from peaceful hands,
Humming to the beat of a slave song,
America the beautiful: as deadly as Michoacán.
Hands up and they will shoot,
The biggest gang: the boys in blue.
Ignorance is bliss,
Materialism has us thinking,
that all this killing doesn't exist.
Extremists and terrorists,
who knew those labels would pertain to kids?
No one asked for this,
yet no one assists.
Day dreaming through life,
What baggage are you carting?
We don't get much time,
which movement are you starting?
We won't aggress, but we'll fight back:
Black Panther Party.
In the dark, don't fall asleep,
not all is what it seems:
The American Dream.

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