The American Students’ Elegy

I’m unsure if i’m writing this to a stranger.
or perhaps a friend,
a sister,
maybe myself, because,
this is in memory of the youth
that our ignorance will kill tomorrow
and the ones
the day after that.
Those who may not have assumed
the last thing they’d see
when shot at the age of seventeen
would be a chemistry textbook.

I give my condolences to those that would have been
the innovators of our generation.
I shall grieve amongst the mothers
mentors and brothers
of our future scientists
diplomats and artists.
I will hold close those who fear it could be them.

But as it seems it couldn’t get any darker
and the stars couldn’t be more absent
all reason appears out of reach,
I’d like to think that when the sun reveals itself
from it’s safe haven behind the hills yet again,
it might mark the day it ends.

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