The anchor of depression

I refuse to sink and i refuse to drown
but aren't anchors tied to the ground?
And scars define where I've been not where I'm going
but everyone seems to know where I'm headed
in low voices they mutter of my pre determined future
i come from a broken home
am hurt deep down
my mental health and illness
all add up to no where at all
that i will be hospitalized again
on medication and treatment
as if that wasn't enough
as if society had no body image in mind for me that life would be easier if i would just breath sometimes i breath to much they call that anxiety sometimes i think to much
but thats just low serotonin in the chemical miss hap of my brain
that makes me a muten in this world of normal
of people who laugh all day
and dance in the rain
who never cry
or wish their life away
but i have hope
i know i am strong
i have people who believe in me
and push me on
i know some day my medication will be just right my future will be bright
i will have a house and kids to call my own
my family wont worry
i wont have break downs
Or episodes of not being able to function i will take down walls
and ill know its all because i made it through depression...

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