The Angel Of Sleep


I close my eyes and beg to see
A world that I can relax in,
Have fun in,
Learn in.

I try so hard,
And over,
And over again,
To fall asleep,
To succumb to the temptation
Of Slumber.

All of this to no prevail,
It cannot be,
Not for me,
In this universe.

I search up and down,
Side to side,
Looking desperately for the antidote.
The antidote for this insomnia

That keeps me up every night,
Torturing me,
Slamming the door of sleep shut,
Every time I get close.

I want to watch the dancing scenes,
Experience the bravado of dreaming freely,
The capricious events
That rage on
And on.

My attempts shudder to a stop
As the night wears on.
My sleepless eyes open,
Staring mournfully at the ceiling.

Then, the unthinkable happens.
My eyes gently close,
Like an angel came to me,
And softly closed my eyes,
Fingers touching my face delicately.

Sleep cascades over me,
And I relish the dreams that come,
The relief of not having to
Be awake every night,
Night after night.

On and on,
I sleep.
Time flies by as I dream
Away the night.

A soft glow floods over me,
Prying my eyes open,
Like the angel once again comes,
Gently opening my eyes,
Fingers touching my face fondly.


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