The Angel Who Made Me

March 27 was the day I had to let Mama go,
I never imagined this, I will miss her so.
My vision is blurring, as my eyes fill with tears.
This is my worst nightmare,
I now have to face my own fears.
The angel that made me, has now gone away.
I begged and I pleaded with God,
I would've done anything if she could've stayed.
He must have had a better plan for her,
Because he came and he took her by the hand,
And led her to the promised land.
I know she's watching over me, dancing in the sky,
But who's going to guide me, to teach me, to hold me when I cry?
I miss her so much, I yearn for her smell, her smile, her touch.
My heart is so broken, my body so weak.
It all happened so quickly, the answers to my questions,
I would never seek.
Her body laid so lifeless, and so cold.
I held her hand, kissed her face many times.
I talked and I talked, all the secrets I told.
Although she could not respond, I know she heard me.
For those eleven days she was in that hospital bed,
There wasn't anywhere else I wanted to be.
I will love you forever, and I will miss you always.
I will hold you near around my neck,
Until the day, our paths cross ways.

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