The Angle That Lived On Earth

She was a gift from Heaven.
Placed on earth like a daisy in a field.
She watched over those who needed hope.
Letting them lean on her for support.
Her smile sparked those whose hearts were dim.
It gave them strength to try again.
She was the glue for the womans shattered heart, that mourned over her only precious daughter.
Carefully placing the pieces by hand.

She crossed the open seas to save those who gave up.
Letting them know that someone still cares.
She knew that she couldn't live on Earth for long, while giving pieces of her to those who need them the most.
Her body was fading away, but she knew that a recarnation would be created to take her place.
She was the angel that lived on Earth.
God created her to help guide his children through the most perilous times.

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