The Anonymous Poet

She was armed to the tooth with just a pen and a pad
She was loaded like a spring with just her thoughts in hand
With a burning passion, she furiously wrote
Her deep-rooted feelings had been abruptly provoked
A battleground of truth and bitter words combined
There were deep cut wounds that clouded her mind
Emotions emerged from where she couldn't hide
To remember her battle scars killed her inside
So much pain in her heart, so much burden it had
Her tears swept most of the words on the pad
She always wrote but no one listened, no one cared
Her beautiful verses were always left unknown and unshared
Such powerful words for her timid demeanor and poetic spark
as for her beautiful mind, it would be forever left in the dark
Found next to her cold body was a letter dampened by tears
if only she had been listened to by friendly ears
As for the letter found, only the last line could be read:
"But no one ever knew, and now no one will ever know what I've said!"
-The Anonymous Poet

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This Poems Story

About how someone can possess such a beautiful talent and yet be overlooked or ignored because they don't fit perfectly into society.