The Anonymous Shadow

There is always someone who cared,
With whom all the laughter and sorrow we shared,
But sometimes that someone can’t stay forever,
It wasn’t meant to be, not now, not never,
There might be times when the heart is hollow and the mind is narrow,
In those times and others, there is always an anonymous shadow.
Someone who is out there,
Someone who can’t share,
That someone worries about you,
You won’t even realize, but it’s true,
Everyone has a shadow.
A shadow that wants you to succeed,
Succeed not only in profession,
But succeed in person, wanting you to grow,
Wanting you to make the world show,
You are not weak, you are a fighter,
While times might be strange, but the future will be brighter,
Someone who is worried about you,
Secretly hoping you’re doing well, without you having a clue,
Everyone has an anonymous shadow,
Sometimes you are to someone and sometimes someone is to you,
Deep down inside you don’t want to reveal,
Let time do its thing, and hope it makes it heal,
The little secret which all us share,
That there is a person for whom we secretly care,
This little secret tends to grow,
And the person whom you care for doesn’t even know,
And day by day we live our lives,
Unaware of the shadow and where it thrives,
I would like to thank my anonymous shadow, whoever you are,
For wishing well for me in times good and sour,
Someone out there is all we know,
Ever wondered, who could be your anonymous shadow?

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