If you already know it’s coming, then why fight it? If you want to know what comes after, why not just get it over with? Surely you’ll get your answer, whether you know it or not. It will come. It will save you more time and more anguish. Far more than you’ve been through till now and the days that will no doubt come and fuel even more reasons to fear and question the one answer we all share. But if you are brave. If you are steady, and willing, the answer will matter very little. Then, and only then shall fear fade away, along with grand delusions of escape. There is none. It’s here to stay. It isn’t your guest. You are it's honored guest, because you will come and you will go, but it shall always stay. Upon welcoming it, reality and transcendence shall dawn, and the fire will envelop the soul stark enough to fight the traditions of denial. The baptism of self shall begin, as will you and all those willing. Seek past the answer and carry on. Burn brighter, for the fire demands it. The great beyond welcomes those willing to look it right in the face, come sweet, come sweet. By that time, the answer will have lost all meaning, in the face of those looking beyond and above the answer we all share, yet never embrace.

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