The Answer to Why

Please don't cry,
Don't worry if I'm alright,
Because time stretches longer than this world,
Than these words and all the foes that come forth,
And after all we'll all forget,
We'll keep moving on,
Following the flow of the stream,
With the monarchs and the leaders,
And the oblivious and the believers,
Wondering where the current will take us,
If you'll ever be able to stay afloat.

But you'll all keep on moving forward,
Leaving away your worries as if there was nothing wrong,
And I guess that's okay,
Because I would've done the same,
Just kept on following that monotonous cycle again and again,
Then face the denial,
The pain,
The regret and the shame,
And after awhile I'll just follow that same saying,
"Forgive and forget," and thank God there's always something to blame,
Because then it'd hurt too much to move on,
As if everything was my fault,
But then again maybe it was,
And maybe that will be enough for my craving curiosity,
Because it'll at least give me the answer to why.

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