The Antelope’s Dance: A Tribute to ‘Adowa’

The soles of her feet strike the ground with fervor to announce the arrival of the ancestors Moving to the rhythmic vibrations of the atumpan and apentemma chanting in unison, she wines her waist and neck to welcome the spirits
The spirts accept her tribute by using the drums as their mouthpiece
Her hands signaling the opening of the heavens as the white cloth beckons the gods to celebrate The tempo of the drums accelerates as this exchange intensifies
Her feet are now up in the air—the clinking of the bells now matching the boom of the drums
She’s about to take flight across the veil between life and death
leaping around and electrified by the thumping of heart—it has become one with the drums
She spins unyieldingly and charges forward with pride
Her luminous brown skin glistening with her passion
The ancestors speak through and with her the words of wisdom and power that only the dead can embrace
In this moment, her body is possessed by the antelope, enchanted by the drums, and awakened by the souls of her people
As if it to say we are here, and we never left
We never left like your feet always returns to the earth to revel in this glorious moment
We never left like the eternal bond your soul shares with these drums
They whisper with fire and force in her ear
The crowd watches her in a trance of wonder, mourning, and joy

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