The Appearance of Impropriety

Beneath the disguise of noble objective,
Lurks the specter of political invective,
A masquerade of justice and a ruse of morality,
Where dark excesses are revealed as a clear eventuality.

In virtuous chambers the political voices ring,
Appearances deceive, a continuous wellspring,
Those within wear a cloak of virtue so frail,
Where partial truth and deceit most commonly dovetail.

Through its celebrated corridors where echoes fade,
deception and duplicity weave a majestic charade,
The eyes of the public, remain ever blind,
To the cunning machinations of the political mind.

Objective fair minded speeches shroud the tainted air,
Ne’er an attempt to shield impropriety from the public’s glare,
The tapestry of trust, once clear and bright,
Frays behind closed doors in the absence of light.

We witness an arcane dance of the representatives we choose,
Perhaps a skeleton in the closet or a spouse to abuse,
As the guise of honor deteriorates, stained and worn,
They soon become forgetful of the promises sworn.

In this theater of power where optics command,
Deceit and decorum go hand in hand,
Appearance is called upon to mask the dubious play,
As the armor of honor is left to fade away.

Were it not for the whispers rising from honest throats,
Revealing glimpses of the treachery in mendacious quotes,
Of the appearance of impropriety in political halls,
There would exist no omen to predict the writing on the walls.

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Key Words : Impropriety, disguise, specter, masquerade.

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This Poems Story

I\'ve never become so engrossed in politics trying to fathom the deterioration of common sense as I am today. Our country has not been this divided since the civil war. Very few people think the economy is great, or the border is secure, or that crime is not rampant. The crux of the political scene today is abortion. One side wants the freedom to murder a viable fetus and the other merely wants to allow this to happen only within fifteen weeks of conception (rape and incest and other critical matters not withstanding). The Supreme Court has wisely struck down Roe v Wade and returned the matter to states rights. The appearance of impropriety comes into play when one party remains in lock-step with their party\'s platform on abortion simply to garner votes, forcing the rest of the country to suffer the nonsense of the remainder of their platform. Windmills and the rest of the Green New Spiel are failing miserably. We cannot continue to fund terrorism via Iran and at the same time claim Israel as an ally. Trying to convince voters not to believe their eyes is no longer the appearance of impropriety, it is impropriety.