The Arrow Flies

~The Arrow Flies~

Walking outside
Bow in my hand as I walk with a stride
Shoulders back and chin held high
Glancing up at the sky
The clouds are dark and heavy
Yet my movements remain steady
My pace slows as I reach my target
Stopping and readying my bow as I fidget
Trying to find the correct position
It's kind of hard with my mind in this condition
I draw an arrow from my quiver
Just as a cold wind hits and makes me shiver
Thoughts race through my mind
These past few days have not been kind
Thoughts of loneliness and despair
Makes it harder when I try not to care
Pulling back the string and I let the arrow fly
It soars through the air and hits the bulls eye
I stand and stare, tilting my head slightly to the right
As an idea runs through my brain that might just work tonight
Again I ready my bow as I gather my scattered thoughts
Doing so puts my stomach in knots
"I'll always be alone."
Letting go and my arrow flies
It smacks into the target, with it my thought dies
"I'll never be loved."
My arrow flies
With it my thought dies
"No one will ever accept me."
My arrow flies
With it my thought dies
As the daylight fades I continue this
Leaving no thought amiss
When finished I wipe away a tear from my eye
I let out a small sigh
Feeling better, my shoulders back and my chin held high
I walk away from my thoughts with a stride

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