The Arsonist

The flames of his passion ignited,
And he gasped aloud in sheer ecstasy,
Watching, transfixed with awe at her beauty,
Fascinated as she dipped and swayed,
Her curvaceous body undulating sensuously beneath him.

Warmth radiated from her honey colored figure,
As roaring with the strength of her desire,
She wreaked destruction on the bedclothes,
And licked hungrily at his sweaty form,
Searing him with her molten desire.

Frightening in her fierce intensity,
He exhaled sharply as she pierced his flesh,
Vivid red streaks burning in her wake,
Branding his skin, his soul, inexorably,
For this night, her, would never be forgotten.

His chest ached with love for her,
Ardent, unrestrained,
For this perfect, glorious being,
She, who was his, to whom no other could lay claim,
Except he, her lover, her arsonist.

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