The Art of Distance

I wish you were my pencil
So you'd be,
The outcome of my art
Made in 2B 4B 6B.

When I am lost
And my hands slowly caress,
The shades I choose... Just to ensure
Each piece looks its best.

Painting... You'd be my brush
And I'll spread your ways across my page,
So the world can see you're one in forever
In a casing... At a museum.. On stage.

My voice... When I sing... They'd see you
Hear all your wonderful ways,
Wherever I go and in all I do
Until dying days.

Science inventions... You'd be their design
The ideas and care in each i make,
When they feast their eyes upon the thought
Breaths away.. You'd take

Art inside of Distance... So you'd be in all of me...

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