The Art of Love

Can you paint a picture in your mind?
Can you write in the words from early Shakespeare?
Does it appear in her smile like the Mona Lisa?
Is it in her beauty like the goddess Venus,
or maybe in the tear of Mother Teresa.
When you kiss her lips does she leave you breathless?
When she caresses your body does she leave you motionless?
When you look up at the moon does she appear in your thoughts?
When you wake up in the morning sun do you wish she was there?
Does her song that she sings make your heart skip a beat,
like when she drives you to where you need to be.

If I had a pallet full of colors on an empty canvas,
or a ceiling as wide as the Sistine Chapel,
over one-thousand words flowing from my mouth,
a smile as bright as the closest star,
beauty of a new born day, or a tear from an angel on a rainy day.
This would all be very mute if your love was not absolute.

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