The Art Of Perception

We are the children of the world ,
Who has the right to tell us what to do?

The mind straight or curled ,
Born are we to do what’s to be done !

But how do we know what to do
The very purpose of life
Fulfilled by the act of birth we think
But runs on before we even blink

Is it ever too late to do the right thing
Or the wrong
Who decides on the ball
going ping or pong !!

Who should we listen to
To do the right
And who should we push up
For a fight !

We’re the humans they say
Come to Exist to survive
In the end of the day
For the truth we thrive

Repenting is loyal
But understanding is wise
Flying like the koyal
Which may never reach the sunrise

Humanity is governed by perceptions
There is no right or wrong in reception
Don't fall for misconception
Being the main cause for corruption
Disruption and ego eruption !!

Something is right
Because he thinks that way
But what if I'm wrong
Is that ok
How does he get to say I'm wrong
Is he the man who I'll have to listen to lifelong
Who's to decide
On the fate
Of those words Whose along side
The Conversors opinion is associate..

Everyone's word is a drop
A muddy salty or sparking one
The ocean is in-turn formed
And turns out to be quite fun!

When someone says a thing
Judging gets you nothing
Maybe listening gets you anything
And the anything becomes everything
Or maybe if listening gets you nothing
Understanding gets you something

Blabbering does not exist
Expression is all it is
We speak we insist
Consideration is a choice
Don't raise your voice !!

Speak because you want to
Not because you know it
Listening is not always sought to
Perception is all which'll express
So never impress
Never Suppress
And before you know it you'll

--Shravanth Tumati

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