The Art Of Reflection

The Sun shines periodically,
In the eyes of others.
I see you,
You see me,
Don’t let this make you too anxious.
Paint beautiful scenery,
Of life and of others,
But, most importantly,
Of yourself.
The Sun dances periodically,
Around in her mind.
Ego and Spirit converse,
As the grass plays the melody of the blues,
And winds push the blades like music notes.
“I have no soul to fill,”
The young girl sings,
And then the tears fall.
She continues on, yet she now speaks,
“But Legend has it,”
“These tears say I do,”
Until her voice is drowned out by the sobs.
Lost without a cow to milk,
So thirsty for one sip;
She’s talked to by the blue skies.

She’s given encouragement,
By the one and only Mother Nature,
For the needle on the machine follows the wrong record,
Yet the Sun still dances.
Her flames melt the ice,
And a cold heart is always rescued,
Especially if one is willing.
Brains are the cocoons, from which butterflies can flutter,
With wings reaching out the ears,
As Mother Nature utters the tune,
To ease the human soul,
Into a sweet and epic release,
Where the Spirit is finally embraced.
“I found my soul,”
The young girl sings,
And her heart rejoices.
The World can feel her joy,
So she expresses the Love,
Like an artist painting a masterpiece.
“I just want the World to be happy,”
She continues to sing,
A message so bright,
That Mother Nature has to echo.
“Find your soul Darling”
The two dance off singing into the horizon.

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