The Artist

Her green gaze brightly glows

Steeling the oxygen from the air.

The glasses resting on her nose

only intensify her luminous stare.

On the canvas of gentle cheeks

A rosy blush paints the space.

Dimples rest where her smile peaks

Perfecting the beauty of her face.

She lifts a hand to cradle her chin

Her lungs exhale a gentle sigh.

The sunlight dances on her skin

Captivating the watching eye.

She examines tools of her trade,

Pouring over a mess of utensils.

Searching for the perfect shade

Of pastels or charcoal pencils.

She comes to life as she sketches,

Magic escapes through her hands.

Light pales as her smile stretches,

In her presence all time disbands.

She's a craft that's been perfected,

She's an angel that God released.

She's a treasure to be protected,

She's the artist; a masterpiece.

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