The Ashes Of Love

Your brush stroked my canvas in winter
Colors of blue and light grey spiraled as snow fell
You were Claude Monet painting me as the woman you saw in the garden
We moved into an art museum together
Spring was just around the corner
The colors of snow on my canvas were fading
Embellishing marigold and pink feelings to replace the winter moods
We filled the museum with still lifes that depicted your best memories
3 strokes, up and down a white material
We waltzed together as the shades of blossoming affection surrounded us
A dash of red, roses in the garden of love
Holding each other close as romantic melodies filled our ears
The museum was finished and we were content
There is no exact moment it went wrong
Did you notice that every season you repainted my canvas;
It tore apart the material around the edges
Did you notice every time you held me as we waltzed;
You left me with bruises all over my hands and arms
Did you notice the entire museum is full of your best memories;
And not our memories together
What once was a candle with an immortal flame of love
Is now the fire that burned down our museum in embers and ashes

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