The Asylum Triangle

Guaranteed alone stones breaking in worlds of words inside the minds discouragement
of empowerment of confidence has lost sense.
This hoping it that they did never went it has not yet not away from me adds.
The fuel is on the fire to show you humans that you are
the liars.

What inspires me? To aspire when the draft wrote an assault
if higher than us some dwell fail or succeed for currency that is it the
human nature swell pride.

I keep hiding inside as I learned being is of no great taste to influence an idea.
That is everything at disgrace possibly true more.
It's out of place not right injustice right?
Seriously, not this mismanaged life unworthy of me.

I should the activity of a base escape to a paradox of realms relate in science expressions.
Can you hear it? See it?
The peace it's believing it the voices that scream for it indicative
significant telling through the forgiveness.

These are souls holding a revealing suggestive nude meaningful talent.
The deadly vice grip to what I stand for balance the rest.
I will ignore stupidity know when soon everyone will be deplore about that of their vengeance.
The moment of death committed by treason they live
not being alive.

The criminal intent by doing so dies.
I could let them be let alone them go without me far than free
as the blur into the distance.

I fade away from to dictate days some existence of night's long days slowed.
It has been for the cold strong hanging on.
These are the last notes.
I hope to let go to spill from my brain yet again over the road.

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This Poems Story

This is about the unlikeness of many things that exist about humans that I see on the continued basis.