The Attack

You turn the corner,
To see a little boy,
Bloody and torn clothes on,
You ask yourself "What do I see this for"?,
You walk a bit closer,
Wondering if he's okay,
He gets a scent of your perfume,
Quickly turns around,
You try to walk away,
As he leaps up from the ground,
Latching onto your back,
Blood dripping on you,
As it falls to the ground,
The screams of your voice are pouring out,
But nobody can hear you,
He leans forward,
To taste your neck,
Just a lick at first,
Till the taste begins to set,
You slam your back into a wall,
Hoping to knock him off,
But his grip,
His claws,
Attatch to your skin,
Like nails along a wall,
Blood seeps out of your wounds,
As he sighs in your ear,
Dropping to the ground,
Being light headed,
As you may be,
His one claw,
Making his x on your neck,
You close your eyes to find yourself taking one last breath....

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