The Attention Seekers

The Attention Seekers
By Craig Childers

From within this world of today, in which we all reside,
Are masses of attention seekers, from which we cannot hide,
And they are an endless stream of creepers, always waiting to be fed.
From the storms of mania and hype of all which has been said.

Probing every spotlight, every moment of the week,
For more of the attention in which they incessantly seek,
A profusive infatuation that achieves leaps and bounds,
Monitoring media and internet, making all their rounds,

And when it naturally comes their way, they rise up in sheer delight,
Posturing and flexing their relentless emotional might,
To direct all their attention to their atrophying minds,
And continue their quest to exploit what they will find,

If they do not land on something that will quench their thirst,
They will fabricate some lies and emphasize the worst
As blood is not thicker than this attention seeking drive,
And being in its center, is how they stay alive

To search once again for that polarization of hype
Placing themselves in its front while it is still ripe
And our greater cumulative awareness, is again, cast aside,
So these manically obsessive attention seekers can fuel another ride

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Key Words : attention seeking,histrionic,narcissist,hype,media,mania,politics,propaganda,manipulate,control,insecure,manic

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