The Audacity of False Prophets

In the realm of illusions, where shadows dance,
Lies the false prophet, with a deceptive stance.
Behind veiled eyes, the facade takes flight,
A master of deception, concealing the light.

Eyes of an illusion, bewitching and fair,
But a closer look reveals a murky snare.
Promises like honey, dripping with deceit,
Leading astray those who dare to believe.

Beware the false prophet, with words so sweet,
Their honeyed tongue, a treacherous feat.
They conjure visions, a mesmerizing display,
But beneath the surface, darkness holds sway.

Their eyes, like mirrors, distort the truth,
Reflecting falsehoods with a cunning sleuth.
They prey upon the vulnerable, the lost and confused,
Feeding on their innocence, leaving them bruised.

Yet amidst this charade, a glimmer remains,
A flicker of wisdom that banishes the chains.
Seek the light within, the voice of your soul,
To discern the illusions that seek to control.

For the false prophet's gaze may captivate,
But true vision lies beyond their intricate state.
Trust in your instincts, let intuition unfold,
And the veil of deception will surely erode.

So be wary, dear souls, of the eyes that deceive,
Unmask the illusions, let truth be retrieved.
In the realm of authenticity, let your spirit thrive,
And the false prophet's power shall never survive.

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