The Audacity of Love

The audacity of love, it takes my breath away
With its wobbling flames and relentless sway
It breaks through barriers and walls of impediments
And leaves me feeling vulnerable and alone

Its power is blinding, yet refreshingly bright
Illuminating shadows of doubt within my mind
It gives me the courage to take on any obstacle
And to see the beauty in every living being

The audacity of love, a force to be reckoned with
With its fierce ability to achieve, it will not quit
It moves mountains and tears down bridges
And leaves behind an unforgettable sound

It echoes through time and space with a song
A melody of hope, courage, and love so mind soothing
It enraptures the heart and reignites the soul
And inspires us to reach for a greater goal

So let us embrace the audacity of love
And let it guide us to the higher power above
For in its light we'll find our true purpose
And a universe of endless love, without surplus.

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