The Author’s Pen

I wish my life was like something written by author's pen
Like something which could be altered
By a page,a sentence,a phrase or a simple word
I would know either the ending would be super happy or super sad
But irrespective of that
I could at least be sure that there would be nothing in between
An author's pen can do wonders
Which we cannot even think of
For some it may just be a ocean of mere words
But for others
Its like a gentle drizzle of happiness
A hurricane of sadness
Its like oxygen
Without which they may die
Utterly and completely mesmerising
Fufulling the essence of life
For them
An author is like a magician
With his
Magic stick which is his pen
Does wonders
Captivates and occupies their hearts
Like an excited child in Christmas
With some movement of that magic stick
That magician can simply turn
One year, five years or even ten years
To just a moment
Such bliss
Such wonders
Such fantastic awesomeness
Fascinates me
So much
That i wish my life was like something written by an author's pen

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