The Balance Between

Walking between
Friend and more,
Behind the scenes,
Is want for the door.

If I fall
You’ll sure be hurt,
When I slip
I hide in my shirt.

Put on a show.
Walk the tightrope.
“Just make it flow”...
It’s a slippery slope.

But when the show’s over
And I rewind the tape,
I see my mistakes—
And fear has its takeover;

“Look how your foot
Was turned to the side.
If you just hadn’t put
It there you’d be fine”

I beat myself up--
Why couldn't I see?
Could I have helped it?
I’m scared to just be.

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Key Words : balance, friends, tightrope

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This Poems Story

knowing you have to be just friends with a person, while knowing they like you and also having reciprocating feelings, is a complicated road to walk. you can find yourself flirting before you even realize it. in effort to hide your feelings, it can feel like you\'re putting on a show. when you mess up and break character, looking back, the guilt can be crippling. this is so because you don\'t want to end up hurting them. when you don\'t have your feelings under control, and are not careful, leading someone on can be easy and unintentional. having knowledge of someone else\'s feelings is a great responsibility to bear.