The Balcony Seat

Carefree summer afternoons of childhood,
Shimmering sun and wistfully whispering wind.
Seated as usual in the balcony, head resting on elbows,
Half-shut eyes gazing at the blue and white sky,
Golden-orange glow of the sun peeking at the edges.

The tummy quite full with grandma’s wholesome lunch,
Idling guiltlessly, watching occasional passersby,
Sporadic cycles or black and yellow taxis,
A bunch of kids from the nearby slums frolicking,
Their simple innocent play with the stray kitten

The low hum of the neighbor's radio
Playing golden melodies of old Hindi movies.
Grandpa’s soft and rhythmic snoring
Startling the sprightly sparrow and scurrying squirrel
But not the diligent ants hurrying about their business

The swishing and swaying tall Ashoka trees
Leaves transformed into tiny pretty purses with handles
Favorite pastime as we patiently waited for evening
For the sun to mellow and earth to cool
For the much awaited invigorating outdoor play.

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