The Ballad of Papa Turner

Deep in the fields of cotton,
An old Papa told his many tales.
Ones that the grandkids less forgotten
In the shed with all the hay bales.
When I was a young sprout, wise man up the road told me to skedaddle.
I would not leave, so he gave me an ol' saddle.
O'l Gene and I, with her two blind eyes, went a riding.
Ain't no tell'in what we would be a find'in.
Rummy, Hopp'in Jack and I went for a ride
Down the dirt road we wnt with our horses in full stride.
Up came the house with all the black folks sitt'in on the porch.
Hopp'in Jack had a love for one of the girls so strong it
burnt like a torch.
I saw Hopp'in Jack ride as fast as he could with a hoot and a holler.
Of course he was trying to impress someone's daughter!
Hopp'in Jack's horse heard something and started to fright!
Next thing we know Hoppin' Jack flew out of sight.
I fund me in the field a baby sheep.
Oo Wee! I was so happy I had to tell my Mammy.
I'd hold my pan and he rammed it before I cxould say a peep.
What else could I call him but Rammy?
My uncle owned Turner Grocery, his name was Dick.
He stopped by one day, boy I thought he was slick.
Uncle Dick went to pump some water and caught Rammy's eye.
He had to stay in bed six weeks,'casue Rammy rammed his thigh.
I played cowboys and indians like Roy Rogers radio show
I shot my firend with a cap gun and he played dead.
I had to make sure, so I busted him in his head.
He was okay, but we never played cowboys and Indians again.

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