The Ballad Of The Sons Of Anarch

As the crow cries its pain.
The lovers cry in the dark.
The son sleeps with ring clenched,
As another tragic end lies stained.
The brothers hold tight their memory.
Of one who gave them all.
As the petals fall and tears rain.
Only traditions crumble
As the truth of love remains.
Come fly with me says the crow.
Tara waits with love and peace.
Gemma sins have been burned away
and all live this dark quiet release.
As the hidden lord pushes her cart,
She weeps for the son.
As the blood is wine and body bread.
His final restive journey done.
The journals teach of life too fast.
And as all beauty it cannot last.
Learn well SONS of this tragic tale.
It will help opie's child as well.
All the friends rejoice with quiet moan
As those left feel so alone.
Forever ride this forlorn road.
And smile and know you are not alone.
Rest. Rest. REST my son.
Your fathers work is yet undone...

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