The Balloon

I am a balloon
I sit empty inside but I am full of bright colors
bringing joy to others who care to see what I am all about
But the air is slowly escaping my body
and I want to leave but just without notice
little by little I become smaller
as I fall onto the ground gently where I can remain safe
because around me there are needles and I cant keep still
The anxiety is crushing me
draining what is left for me to speak
then when I do I can't
and all that is there is a puff of air that no one
realizes was released from my lungs when I try and seek for help
I feel like I am strong
but the sharp objects keep pushing me back down
I try and fly for safety
but all that's there is the dark storm clouds
that can cease my existence at any moment and...pop
but don't worry,no tears shed,no hearts breaks
because a balloon you see is something that is easy to replace
but its okay I carry on and float
float from the single string that is keeping me here
but at any moment my string can let loose and leave
As of now I stay floating
with my vibrant colors that only others can see
and well for the inside that's all for me.

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