The Banks

My feet had no grip in the mud
so I slid down the bank
toward the untamable river.
I grappled at roots and slowed the fall.
I could still watch the danger and beauty
from a distance
and dip my toes into the powerful current.
My last handhold is lost and
my body plunges into the cold water.
Too late, my body plunges into the cold water, and
holds me under I'm too involved.
I'm losing everything, the air
in my lungs, the light
as I'm pushed deeper, all feeling
as the cold numbs my senses.
With my last breath, I cry out
a scream so muffled by the water
it shouldn't be heard, but
warm arms secured me and pulled me above
the river; I surveyed the damage.
Not of my own will,
the cold drained from my body, the air
filled my lungs, the light
became brighter than before, and then
I see everything

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