The Banner

Along the pavement,
on a lonely night,
I could see,
not a soul in sight.

Dark and empty,
not a sound to hear,
Just a solitary

Suddenly behind myself,
a tapping I hear !
I froze in my tracks,
and trembled in fear !

I dared not turn,
I dared not see,
I was terrified
of what it could be !

As I was thinking,
I heard it again !
I asked myself,
if I was insane !

At my wit's end,
overwhelmed with fear,
I finally decided,
that the time was here.

With apprehensions,
I turned around,
to face the source
of the tapping sound.

I saw nothing,
just gaping space,
was this what
I was destined to face ?

I waved it away,
with a laugh and scoff,
But there it came,
and threw me off !

That's when I saw
a banner hanging,
on a fence that
it was banging.

Tapping gently,
in the breeze,
the very sound
that made me freeze !

All I felt was
relief and shame.
The wind had played
a wonderful game !

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