By Dan Bickert

So, wherefore is it that parochial fowl
Are as such when migratory fowl
Have chosen to leave familiar surrounding
For long wearying airings
Contemplating this
Before long
One might not but come to ask to one's self
Why then do gallivanters wend on voyages
And festivalers provide with a quality and ability
Wherefore, then, do some foreigners and countrymen
Alike yearn for foreign tillage in
Distant whereabouts, even in so called motley lands?
In Roman times, of Britannia
From every back forty and shoal
They ponied up from Londinium
'Long the Calleva to Aquae Sulis
To expunge themselves
In the rejuvenating and healing febrile aqua pura Adam's Ale
Of the baths of that fine provincial burghul
Called Aquae Sulis to some and Solis to others
'Long the way they sought not these Romans
The favored martyr who is quick to give one service
When one is in need of shelter
Is filled with pangs of hunger
Or is strayed 'long their journey
For these Romans had bankroll
From those from Rome
Not caring in the least are these martyrs from these Romans
Even a single Unica of an Unica
For at this time, they had not yet been minted
And an Aurius would have been too little
To possibly accept from compatriots and fellow state men
And so it was at that time…. To be continued

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