The Barn Dance

No words could say what this night held
As Grandma sprang to life and yelled,
The Barn Dance floor just parted as she spun.
She'd been reserved in all years past,
But that old Gal could sure move fast,
She showed 'em all and out-danced everyone!
The music stopped, but she danced more,
Then whirled around down on the floor,
It was the darnedest thing you've ever seen!
Old Grandma Squalled and flopped around
Then flipped straight up off the ground,
She looked just like a Grey-Haired Disco Queen!
Then all at once, the crowd just froze,
As Grandma started throwing clothes,
The men perked up like Roosters in a cage!
The women thought she'd been possessed
While all the men thought they'd been blessed,
And started yelling : "Grandma hit the stage!"
Well after that, it wasn't long,
Old Grandpa asked her what was wrong,
He said: "I never knew you liked to dance?"
She yelled : "I don't you darned old goat,
Just grab my purse and get my coat,
A Long-Tailed Whiskered Mouse ran up my pants!

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This Poems Story

Inspiration is having the radiance to light the fuse of creation. For me, pushing cattle fifty years granted exposure to an entire world of fuses. The only endeavor that gives salute to an inspired image, however, is to put pen to paper for the amusement of others. I had the fortune of having an esteemed friend, a Ret. Lt. Col., encourage me to do just that, etch my mark in the literary archives. His sacrifice was an inspiration to write the book which features this poem, and others, "Just Passing Time." My respect and thanks to those who gave all.