The Bathtub

I cannot cleanse myself from you when you are the water that I use
I am bathing in the hopes you will forgive me
You are the mud and soap that is covering my entire body
I cannot touch myself because that place is saved for you
It will remain dirty until you have a use for it
I cannot claim it as my own anymore
You were the only one who ever really loved it
I always thought it was ugly, but you never did
If the face wash was honest, my face would be clearer
Maybe then you would see the emotions I feel
Regret, pain, jealousy
Why did you do this
You aren't sorry, you just miss me
There's a difference
Should I go back to you? Does it matter?
It matters if I make the wrong choice
Shampoo first, conditioner second.
Don't forget to rinse.
Rinse away how broken I feel
It's more difficult than what the bottle says
Under the water, I can see my blemished on my legs clearer
Maybe I should shave
I won't shave
If I get out now, will there still be soap residue?
It's not going away. It will be there when I sleep tonight
Bathtubs are made for shower sex
Bathtubs are used for lonely people

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