The battle

The Battle!!!

Full of hatred
Dyeing inside
Lost his drama
In a cold cold night
Someone was dreaming
Of yesterday
just the shadow
Of another today
Tomorrow may heal you
Or destroy you
Your choice
You're the cold black
No one will save you
All we can do is love you
For today is the beginning
That I hope will never end
Peace is just a way to cope
With the end...
My heart is humble
I don't live with out love
In my mind I am grateful
For everything I have....
I surely do want more
Than what I've had
I must try
I must never give up
Warrior mind
Family in blood
Thicker than water
Family in spirit
Don't judge each other
I can be dark
I stand in the light
Some days in the shade
When I can't take the heat
I am who I am, my shadow dances
I take my chances, and my heart doesn't skip a beat
I have what I have, I blame it on me
Karma will be my best friend
Not my own worst enemy

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