The Battle

Heart pounding lungs burning
Smoke fills the air the sounds of guns and explosions all around
Senses heightened, looking to kill
The fight has just begun
RPG’s fly, machine guns rattle
The end is coming in, scanning watching those fighting me
Waiting to not see them again to adjust to kill
The view to a kill, binoculars eyes and mind
Kill, that’s what I do, I am the eyes of death
The round lands exploding, smoke follows
Adjust to the right add range, right hand on the button
Voice trembling, heart pounding in my throat
Wanting to feel it
The guns keep firing, the enemy doesn’t know
Firing to hope they don’t realize it yet
Keep them in place, view them not as a human
They are not people, they are a number on a tally
Their doom is incoming, mocking them we fire
The distance is not very far, close to us all
The shadows of the day are not to be know
The smells of the battle excite me
Flame, smoke and shrapnel, flying through the air
The target is hit, slowly enemy fire slows, we know I know
They are there, wounded and dying
They still fire, trying to take my life before I can finish them
Fire For Effect
The enemy doesn’t know my plan
White smoke to burn them, maim and not kill, not yet
They need to know, I am their nightmare
I know it is coming first, 5000 degrees incoming to burn
White Phosphorous, the killer smoke is going to land not on, but behind
The wind will help, they will be alive for this, and I know it
Planned in my head, to give me excitement
Am I human, the thought is In my mind now
Rounds complete
I am not a human, I am a machine designed to kill
The enemy fire is increasing, shooting my rifle to keep them down
Heart pounding, pain is going to make them unrecognizable
A bounty is already on my head, hunted by the enemy
They know who I am, they know I do this and destroy with no remorse
They fire more, trying to kill my friends, those who I fight with
I know it is coming now, the fire smoke not to be used like this
They never question me, Rockets fire to hold them down
Only a few hundred meters away, already hearing their pain consumed screams
The smoke lands, delay the explosive rounds, the second smoke lands
The wind takes over the burning smoke covers them
Screams, gunfire from the enemy stops, Screams of excruciating pain
Waiting my order White phosphorous, and then delay High Explosive
They burn, dying from skin melting, burning their lungs
Screams subside, they must die like this, I hate them
I did this for me, to feel the pleasure inside due to killing
High explosive impact, they are already dead
Burned and maimed, killed slaughtered, I laugh at them
Thinking they will do it again and so will I, killing slowly to make them know
Fear them, do not stay and fight, we will and have done this
Damage assessment
Moving to the enemy position, moving slowly, ready to kill any who challenge me
Were not far from them now the smell of burning human flesh fills the air
The smell I never wanted to have in my mind and know what it was
We come upon them five dead enemy, they do not look human
Blackened flesh, lips gone, white teeth, no ears eyes empty
They were alive, finding photos un-burnt under them they were humans they had families and lives, They look foreign alien like what is this
I caused this I burned them alive, Body parts strewn around
What did I do why am I not a human?
I close my eyes when I get home from war the dreams are there vivid and horrible
There is no war but I close my eyes and stay inside my head, a battle rages
The body parts, blood and burnt bodies all caused by me haunt me
The battle rages in my head, gunfire, explosions, and smells you should never smell
It rages inside me, I do not speak of it I fear those I love will not look at me
I turned to drugs, I turned to alcohol, they did not help, and they made it worse
I turn away from those things, I turn to God I beg and plead to just have it end
To end the battles I relive every day
I get help, I start to talk, I seek it I want to know myself again
I search for answers and people who will support and help me
Family is there, wife parents and friends listen and support
The days get better and I feel it, the help is changing me, opening my mind
This life is what I have, I accept this and fight for more
A new Battle waits
The battle for me

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