“The Battle Is The LORD’s

In the coming days the sky will appear to divide
it will Be woe to Ones of little faith for there'll Be no where to hide.
Mankind and all the evil weapons will Be of no use for sure
Everyone who didn't trust in the Lord now see without Jah We can't endure.
Many Beings have chosen evil up to this day to do as they please
The bloodthirstiness appears to Be a habit not involuntary as the cough or sneeze.
We should be aware that Jah is watching all the liars in their killing machines
it's gonna pain all wicked hearts to find the pay is with Hearts that are clean.
When the truth is presented before them they have no questions to ask
with the devil there's no understanding,for Jah to end these wrongs is no big task.
We must acknowledge this world's Creator then We'll all know how the right feels
and not Be partakers of this world's sins with lowly satan We make no deals.
Man is on a collision course where the wrongdoers versus the right
Don't lose heart faithful warriors must keep defense till the angels are in sight.
Jah said He would never leave We alone and alone We will never Be
We will witness all evil empires Melt by the help of the Almighty.
Thru the eyes of bloodthirsty Ones being on top in killing can seem so grand
Remember,Jah moves in His own time and when He does not many will stand.
Many today are seeking the world have totally forgotten the Lord of Hosts
No matter all the idols man can create Jah's Holiness is still the most.
Though the armies of today do seem mighty they're no challenge when comes the sword
All evil will for sure lose heart Yes,to find that The Battle Is The Lords! Amen
Psalm 286 Negus David

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