The Battle Surrender

Her Depression.
An evil that consumed even the purest soul.
Slowly crawled and clawed creating the darkest of holes.
Without any way of escape
Leaving her helpless and raped.
Forcing her fake smile with a happy face.
So nobody knew the horrors encased.
It shattered her heart.
It crushed her soul.
It blinded her sight.
Because nobody knows.
The surge of pain that overflowed.
Leaving her to drown in a never-ending loophole.

It killed her hope.
It destroyed her strength.
It defeated her purpose.
For getting up to live another day.
Created a mental war.
She never asked for.
Her love was gone.
Her passion was blocked.
Her emotions were forgotten,
Under a trance of numbness,
She took that step,
Knowing that there,
Was no turning back.
From years of tears,

Nobody clear saw her world fall apart.
It was stripped and ripped,
All from the beginning,
She held back the tears.
Scanned the area,
Taking one last look,
And jumped.

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