The Beach

A sense of calm is close at reach
When I am sitting on the beach
A peaceful place
With water blue
There is always something for me to do
Watching the birds pick at the overflowing pails
The boats out yonder with extravagant sails
Deep into my book
I'm swept away
Even if for a small part of the day
Listening to music
Humming along
Allowing myself to get lost in a song
I look to the left, and then to the right
Always something exciting in sight
Children digging in the sand
Others join in to lend a hand
Lots of laughter all around
By far the perfect summer sound
Feelings of uncertainty seem to vanish away
It is at the beach I wish to stay
The summer comes, then sadly goes
The crashing waves, sand squishing between my toes
A special place where I'll always belong
Serenity of the ocean
The perfect song

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