The Beach Days

Remember the beach days?
How we'd whine and complain
That today we couldn't be bothered
With sun or, sand or salty water.
"It's our summer!" we'd say
Packing lunch and toys anyway.
We'd had finished resisting by then,
And gradually started to grin.
We'd begin with the tide,
Swimming out by the beachside.
We'd ignore creatures below our feet,
As we dove like dolphins lost at sea.
'Round noon our tummies growled
So we'd ask for our meal.
Next we'd build our fortress.
Dig an encircling trench,
And fortify the citadel walls.
While racing against the rising swells,
We'd construct and repair
Never getting anywhere.
We'd endeavor and stare
With frenetic despair
Observing our sand-kingdom's collapse.
Nothing to show for a hard day's task
But sunburns and tan lines
From playful childhood times.

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