The Beacon

Fading hopes and dying dreams
Thoughts blur the line and tear at the seams
While everything goes wrong and you're left with one thought
Of leaving this place after how hard you've fought
Your sadness isn't worth it when you think outside the space
There's things you haven't heard of and things you can't embrace
Eternity rests alone for us as a distant source of hope
Sometimes we find ourselves with our necks tied to a rope
Just know there's something out there beyond the darkened sky
Know there's other beings, maybe not like you or I
Know that you can save this world, though most will deny
The power of one destined soul on which they can rely

I feel the force of gravity weigh me down, imprison me
For I have yet to understand just how to break free
With every passing thought of the power held within
I imagine it escape to the sound of a violin
The soundtrack to my secret, my secret to the world
Waiting for it's time, waiting to be unfurled
They can tell me I'm not special, thats what I want to hear
But when they need an answer I shall make my premier
I shall be revered, by the sound of trumpets and bells
My name go down in history, like those which legends for tell
But for now I wait and whisper, my days are normal and bland
One day I promise you I'll be known throughout this land

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