The Bear & The Dragon

A tale of two lovers have begun
Sactioned and blessed under the sun.
And she was a beauty born of fire.
And he a beast filled with desire.
A love pure and bright.
It made it past many nights.
The Bear
The Dragon

The bear was large and brown.
He could not help but profess his love around.
He wondered and wondered to tell.
"His love is perfect." Is what he yelled.
Loving, friendly and passionate he was.
He walked the walk as one does.

But there was the Dragon proud and mystic.
She sat and looked down from her peak.
The foolish bear said what he said
Little did he know he would soon be dead.
For the Dragon had other plans for him.
She would rip him limb from limb.

A bear marry a dragon?
This isn't how the world works.
A bear is a bear and dragon a dragon.
No love should be kindled by either.
But the Bear still insisted.
Like all things unnatural he'd be erased from this world.
Forevermore he'll be know as the foolish bear.
Who thumbed his nose at order and dreamed to dare.

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