The Beast

Warmth on my neck, pain in my back, constipation, headache, nausea---
I cannot eat. I cannot move. I am trapped by the Beast.
Turn off the lights; close my eyes the Beast only gets stronger.
I take the pill, but I can still see the Beast; waiting,intimidating.
Positive affirmations, the Beast only laughs.
The Beast lies on my body feasting like parasites do.
I want to die----------
For the Beast is illiterate and cannot find me here.
Capture the Beast by filling the blank pages.
Do not stop. Write faster-----Write now
You will no longer imprison me.
The more words-----the more his power weakens-----
Keep going-----Don't stop-----Kill the Beast-----Kill him-----
Don't stop-----fill the blank pages with words as they come to you.
Don't look away-----Be fierce-----Become the killer-----
I can feel the Beast starting to fade.
Release me! Release me now!
Don't stop-----Keep writing----Keep thinking-----Love yourself
Be a warrior-----Be a slayer-----Be a leader-----
The beast is wounded and is retreating.
Be prepared for he will return; for the beast is immortal, but
I have an infinity of blank pages.

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