The beast

The beast is lurking
Rearing its ugly head,
But you don't see that
And you can't feel my dread.
I wish I could take this from you,
Wash it all away.
Anything I could do
Just to keep your pain at bay.
The love I have for you
Is the love you have for drugs.
Im busy trying to show you
While you just search for new plugs.
I bend over backwards
Trying to be your peace.
You bend over backwards
Signing that new lease
to the beast that holds you captive
Making sure your addiction stays active
Maybe he loves you more than me
Its kind of hard to tell
But my heart is always breaking
Watching you throw your life down an empty well.
These are the confessions
Of a girl in love with an addict.
A girl whose always hopeful
In a situation so tragic.
The beast is always lurking
Waiting on an old friend
And it hurts to watch the one I love
Destroy himself again.


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