The Beast Inside

A beast has been seeded inside it grows
Diverging a path down a lonely road
It runs over everything that's all it knows
Down the path, it already chose
When it gets scared and is all alone
It climbs within crevices it already knows
Inside my soul, I can feel it burrow
But when it escapes it seems to explode
There's nowhere to run the door is closed
There's nowhere to hide a cold wind blows
I'm trapped inside while the beast roams
Walking a path I don't seem to know
I know with time the anger will fade
I know with time its powers will wane
I know with help the beast can be tamed
But when the dust settles will I still be the same
I know someday it will find a new home
Inside a different mind that it can bethrow
Inside a different soul with whom it can roam
I can't wait for the day that I can walk alone

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