The Beast Within

My heart bleeds,
When i think of the victims
that it has slaughtered.
And i find little rest beneath
the glow of the full moon.
For i fear that the beast will
once again be unleashed on
this very night.
Devouring victim upon victim
that attempt to take flight.
This centuries old curse won't
stay lock inside and i am not
strong enough to battle its will
to survive.
And when the full moon rises my body
will disolve allowing the monster
in me to come completely alive.
With little memory of the aftermath
except for a trail of blood and bodies
that litter my path.
My cowardly attempts to end it all
have taken to many lives and now
before the full moon rises the beast
must fall.
Placing the gun to my head silver bullet
locked in can't pull the trigger,
can't stop the beast within.

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