The Beat of One Heart

His state of vulnerability tender and pure
Not yet revealed to this beautiful world.
Layer upon layer we add to our lair,
My only goal to protect, nurture and care.
Am I doing enough? Tends to be my repetitive fear,
You are my creation, fore you I will bear.
I've been your sole supplier from the very start,
We share the warmth of one body, The Beat of One Heart.
The river running through our veins the same blood,
You are now a human yet began a mere bud.
Fore only a short time will this miracle be,
I cherish each and every moment your residence me.
Each movement and every kick felt,
Bring so much joy I could just melt.
Brought into this world in passion and love,
We are so lucky to endure this gift form above.
We can not wait to shower you with kisses and hold you tight,
In the wake of each morning and end to each night.
In just a short while you will be mine to embrace,
Held in my arms into your eyes I will gaze.
My love for you unconditional and true
For all eternity my sole focus you.
But for now you and I can only feel each other,
Forever to be bonded sweet child and mother.
Life is about to change in the most profound way,
But for now my sweet boy in my womb you will stay.

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