The beautiful dance that must always end

As the flower grew inch by inch,
she learned to sway to the music of the wind.
The flower danced and danced.
Her stem was now long enough,
for she could bound and leap like a ballerina.
Strong and beautiful, wise and proud.
As the seasons changed she danced differently,
Until the winter wind was not so wonderful.
It was dangerous and cold, colder than ice itself.
The grass started to disappear along with the leaves.
She to began to wilt away with them.
She wanted to cherish her last breaths and remember.
Remember the beautiful sounds of the wind,
even the cold winter wind.
She said goodbye right before she perished completely,
giving the world one last beautiful and graceful dance.
Hoping to see the world of dance as she once did.
Hoping to listen and sway to the music of the wind.
Just hoping, hoping, hoping.

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